The Hunt For The World's Most Elusive Craft Beer


Non-staged reality, documentary-style episodic series

  • Emmy-nominated
  • 3x Telly Award winner
  • 2x Eclipse Award winner

Logline (Short Pitch)

If Brew DogsBooze Traveler and No Reservations just threw back the best beer of their lives and had an intoxicating threesome, Modern Ahabs would be their pint-sized love child.

Modern Ahabs explores the hunt for the world’s most elusive craft beer. With this generation’s boom in brewing, craft beer has become more than a casual pastime hobby. Like rookie cards in mint condition or vintage toys still in their original packaging, craft beer is a worldwide phenomenon — a drinkable collector’s item. Modern Ahabs dives into the unique fanaticism that steers the pursuit for these highly sought-after, coveted trophies — known to enthusiasts as “whales.”

See how the demand for these unique bottles, cans and drafts has an effect on how this rapidly growing industry operates. Watch how the consuming public doesn’t hesitate to literally go out of their way to chase their bucket list beers.


Modern Ahabs quenches the thirst with the batch of craft masterpieces that breweries have created either by design or accident. When a whale is born, or released rather, it typically boasts three characteristics its scarcity, quality and mystique. Just as Captain Ahab tirelessly hunted for his great white Moby-Dick, so do the most committed and passionate craft beer enthusiasts. The pursuit has become a worldwide phenomenon that one must experience to understand.

Go behind the curtain with breweries and their brewmasters to uncover the nuances of what makes them special. Discover the history behind their famous recipes. Follow the festivities that surround the release of their whales. Experience the life of dedicated craft fans to fully understand the satisfaction achieved when they catch a whale. And, watch as dissatisfaction creeps when the unmentionable underbelly black market of supply and demand sometimes sends them home empty-handed.

Each episode features sequences devoted to aspects of a different whale’s story – their brewery, fans and the overall influence of the craft beer industry. As breweries commonly release whales during a pre-determined annual release schedule, dependent on ingredients or aging process, or simply whenever they can despite them being of limited availability, Modern Ahabs filming adjusts to whales’ release schedules.


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Pilot Episode and Sizzle Reel

Watch the Pilot Episode and Sizzle Reel, here


Jason Ley — Creator, Author/Writer, Producer, Host

Ben Wilke, Deep End Films — Director, Editor, Co-producer

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